Happier Cities.

Since 2015, we thrive on shrinking down obstacles to bike adoption within metropolises and corporations by bringing to life concern-solving, affordable, handy, and differently smart bikes. Our inspiration was drawn from these few simple words:
The secret of the world's happiest cities lies on pleasant commuting.
Charles Montgomery, 2013.

All along your journey, we outdo ourselves to make your experience as humanly pleasant and worry-free as possible. You don't only get our award-winning products; you get the team of authentic folks on top, whose obsession is your smile.

Hybrid is the new smart.

At Ahooga, we believe that electric bikes can play a role of accelerator in cities transformation. However, we have that consciousness that Li-Ion batteries are still a pollutant, and that the heavier a bicycle, the greater the dependence on the electric assistance. That’s why we design hyperlight bikes. With our unique hybrid concept, riding a Ahooga remains pleasant even when the electric support is off. In fact, you can even choose to mainly bypass the assistance,and only use it to punctually eliminate a hill or a headwind. In other words, you are not a slave to this assistance and have the choice to use the energy –the battery’s and yours – more smartly. We believe this is an even more sustainable approach as you’ll significantly increase your autonomy range and, as a result, your battery lifetime.

Open ecosystem.
No planned obsolescence.

We did not want to imprison the Ahoogers into a closed eco-system where, in terms of parts and accessories, choice is limited and price is usually high. So we went for an open eco-system. This means that wherever you live or move, you’ll always be able to customize or maintain your bike. Besides, when releasing a new accessory or option, we make sure, as much as possible, to make it retro-fittable on all our bikes.

We are makers.
100% made in Europe.

We are proud to claim we do not buy frames off the shelve, put a sticker on ‘em and call ‘em a Belgian product. We actually design our own frames, we weld them in Eastern Europe out of aluminum we buy in Belgium. 30% to 100% of assembly is made in Belgium.
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We owe you an explanation.

Ahooga is an onomatopoeia. It’s the sound an antique automobile’s horn made in the 1920’s. Just another milestone in the history of mobility. It was  adopted by the movie industry as a sound effect symbolizing astonishment and excitement, amongst other emotions. This sound is now also a shout that Ahoogers throw at each other when crossing in the streets. Along with the 215 colors we propose for specific models, this shout puts joy in the streets and therefore participates in our project of Happy Cities.