Stand out with Company Bikes.

And their all-round impacts.

Chain reaction, no pun intended.

Company bikes are a thing, and there are many reasons why. Taking that step will only bring good vibes: planet friendly, it’ll make your employees healthier, more productive, and happier, ultimately. Two paths lead to this.


Volume discount and insurance available.
Ahooga Bike
1st maintenance
Bike theft (opt.)
24/7 assistance (opt.)
Material damage (opt.)
Yearly maintenance (opt.)


All inclusive
Ahooga Bike
1st maintenance
Bike theft
24/7 assistance
Material damage
Yearly maintenance

Are you looking for a mobility solution to share within your teams, company, customers or communities?

Ahooga Bike got you covered! With this new option, equip your pool of Ahooga Modular Bikes with a smart lock and implement easily a connected bike sharing system for your users. You don’t only control and manage the access to your bikes with the online platform but you also receive statistics about its usage. Every member of your sharing system will be able to book quickly one of the Modular bikes for whenever they require one, removing the stress of finding a bike when the need can be planned. 

The features include:

Control with smartphone,
no key needed!

Unlocking the bike when
you approach it.

A 110dB alarm with anti-theft prevention

GPS-tracking so that bikes are
viewable within the app (optional)

Booking options for all users

Ideal for:

- Company site with travel needed between buildings.

- A municipality who wants to increase mobility.
- Hotels and hospitalitybusinesses who want to offer an extra service to their guests.

Whether you are building a station-based rental solution with a virtual station or a free-floating bike sharing system,get in touch so we can look together at the best option for your project.

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